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(I'm the one on the right)

Hello there!

So, here’s my first blog post, version 6 or so because I keep deleting and re-writing. I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to say so here’s a lovely picture of me on a beach.

My name’s Iona, I’m 23 and I spent the afternoon going ‘is this REALLY all I’m doing with my life right now?’ and concluded that no, it’s just what I’m doing with my Thursday afternoon, so that’s okay.

I’m from Yorkshire, and would like to go back there because it’s exceptionally pretty. I live in Stoke at the moment, due to jobs and friends and the fact that outside of ‘its pretty and there’s lots of countryside’ there are not really that many excellent reasons to move back. One day I will find enough reasons to move to York, but that’s a longer story for another day.

The only thing cheering me up about the fact that it is winter is the fact that it will not be winter for very much longer.

Other than that, I have a wonderful Steve to keep me sane, a reasonable job in Internet Bingo to keep me from starving, and a cat to make little squawking noises at me. I strongly suspect that half the reason I made a blog is that laptops are really effective mini-radiators.

What am I going to write about in my blog? Lets find out one day.