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A ‘things I did with my day’ Blog

So yesterday Steve and I went to Manchester on the train under the pretense of shopping in the sales. What we really wanted of course was Bubble Tea and many many plates of Yo!Sushi.

There is a building in Manchester that looks exactly like the sort of thing the Borg would build if they happened to come visit. I tried to find  a picture of it on Google but apparently I’m the only one who’s noticed. You can see it from the train on the way in if you’re interested in not getting assimilated any time soon.

First stop- Porkwiches. Pulled pork to be exact and they are amazing. However we’d only  just finished eating Porkwiches when we realised that there had in fact been a Taco Bell right behind us the whole time. After long moments of heartache we decided we could not justify it (a sign that we are indeed turning into boring grown-ups)  and scuttled off for bubble tea.

For anyone who doesn’t know, this is bubble tea:

Basically flavoured soya milk with tapioca pearls and I’m not even trying to make it sound nice because there are NO WORDS to describe how good this stuff is. I recommend the Green Tea flavour, and the Mango flavour, and the Watermelon, Honeydew melon, Taro root, Red bean, and Blueberry flavours. Not that the other ones are not good, just that I didn’t get round to sampling all of them yet.

There was a nice moment when I was waiting for Steve and some guy wandered past me, stole a mop from a cleaning trolley thing and wandered off with it. I started paying attention then and realised he’d spilled some orange tango on the floor. A few minutes later he came back and put the mop back on the cleaning cart, sort of shrugged at his wife and continued on with his day. It made me hate the general public a little less.

Then we wandered about and bought some stuff. Steve bought me a cardigan because he’s lovely and we made all kinds of dull household plans- for example we’ll paint our Feature Wall purple one day.  I could go on about our purchases but I won’t, because it’s hard enough to make THIS interesting and now I wish I’d blogged about something else. Every time I go to buy grown-up clothes I end up with another novelty T-shirt.

So yeah, basically all we did with the rest of our day was eat Sushi. And a plate of a sort of seaweed salad type thing that was actually quite nice. And someone HAS to tell me how to make batter like the stuff they were wrapping brocolli in. And Taco Bell. We gave in and went back and shared a taco. It was everything you’d expect from a Taco Bell and brilliant in its own way.

Now I’m craving Quesadillas.