Monthly Archives: April 2012

I’m not a Vegan any more

Well that was disappointing.

I made it 40 days (44 in total, apparently Sunday doesn’t count) eating just Vegan food. Mostly. Apart from one or two (okay five) little accidents. Now I’m back to ‘normal’.


Today, i stuck to the rules and ate Vegan food for lunch, swiftly moving on to half a bag of Galaxy Caramel things being offered round the office by my dear friend Tom. He always always always has a bag of sweets and I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to turn them down recently, muttering stupid vegan to myself. I gulped down my lunch-apple quickly so that I could get to the chocolate.

What a disappointment.

It was nice, chocolatey and gooey and carameley, just as it should have been. But I actually had a better time eating my apple. I expected my mouth to practically explode with deliciousness. Nope.


Then, since I was two hours early for work, I ended up on a mission to Costa with a rather extensive list. Normally, I’d be eating something with a soya latte base. Today, Black Forest hot chocolate. This was less disappointing. It was actually the best idea for a hot chocolate flavour I’d seen in a long long time. Still, I could have made it work in a soya latte form too.

By this point I was only one hour early for work so I lurked a bit, trying to re-capture the joy of playing with a swivel chair.


Later on, I ate a Cornish Pastie provided by my mother in law. This was really nice. No nicer than a Falafel Burger. A very different type of nice, and I’d be greatly annoyed if all I ever ate again was a Falafel Burger. But still, my world didn’t change.


A few hours later and I was presented with half of the biggest pizza in the world, from a contribution of just £3.


(By this point I start to get embarrassed by how much I ended up eating, I’ll stop tomorrow)

I spent a large part of my evening typing away to little bingo customers while stuffing my face with as much cheese, chicken and garlic butter as I could fit in my mouth.

It was lovely, at the time. Then I started to feel sick and kinda regretted the whole episode.

This lasted ten minutes, then Tom came back with half a packet of biscuits, and I ate four.


I don’t think I even tasted them, not really.

Then I biked home and ate a slightly stale Krispy Kreme.

There’s a Domino’s pizza in the kitchen and I’m considering having a slice while I make some sandwiches.

Nothing is really appealing to me at the moment, I’m just eating things for the sake of it. I haven’t once, yet, gone ‘wow, I’ve been missing this for so long and now it’s back’. It’s just back.

I have big plans to buy and eat an entire Pineapple at some point.

I might go back to being a Vegan tomorrow.