Can there be Cheese yet?

Right now, I am VERY sick of being a stupid vegan.

I made it through all the beer in the world last night. I thought I’d struggle with resisting delicious cheesy takeaway but I ate (and enjoyed) an entire vegetable kebab with salad. Then I went to sleep.

Waking up twelve hours later I happily munched my way through a spicy mexican bean burger wrap with Jalapenos and Butternut Squash.

“Oh what a lovely healthy delicious  lunch” you’re all thinking. “That sounds lovely”.

Smug bastards, with your ‘KFC’ and your “Burger King” and  your “‘Cereal and Milk”.

Then I went to work, armed with a box of soup and some slices of bread.  La la la, I’m going to toast stuff and dip it in soup, and soak up all the delicious nutrients. La la la.

I make this soup all the time from my wonderful book of wonderful soup. It’s brilliant.

Turns out the soup tastes of dirt. Vaguely tomatoey dirt. Maybe it’s the beer speaking because Steve says he’s been eating it and it tastes fine to him. I ended up gnawing on crumpets that I found in the fridge under other crumpets with mould on them.  I was going to pour Strawberry Sauce on them but I cant risk that ‘natural colourings’ are not made from beetles.

I sprinked them with salt.

Om. Nom.











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