Something about The X Files

“…If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again…”

– Foo Fighters, Everlong

We pretend the second film didn't happen

I’m currently downloading the entire 9 seasons of The X Files and trying to work out if I can be bothered to watch it all again.

For me, The X Files will always belong in the summer of 2007. Though my first ever memory belongs ten years previously- I’m in my friend Amy’s kitchen, having discovered Pesto for the first time and we’re watching it on a tiny blurry black and white TV and I can remember thinking that it looks rather good but not much more than that.

2007 was that year we’d all finished College and had little to nothing (and at the same time, everything) to do for four months before University or Real Life started. My dear friend Darran somehow acquired the whole shiny DVD box set and along with our other friend Harrison and anyone else we could convince we set about watching as much of it as possible. We’d already seen pretty much all of it before so we got all nostalgic and reminisced our way through at least the first seven seasons either together or separately and obsessed over the conspiracies and in my case the romantic sub-plots. Oh the romantic sub-plots*. I’m not sure that we ever made it all the way to the last season, though I did cry my way through it a few years before when I was not yet lucky enough to know anyone else who shared my enthusiasm.

This time, in preparation for the supposed new film (oh please be good, please please be good), I’ll be watching it with Steve. A whole new perspective; Steve has alway felt a bit meh about The X Files and to be honest, I’ve found episodes in Fringe (not the greatest intellectual feat of revolutionary TV that was ever created, by a long shot) that rival the storylines of the more mediocre X Files. Perhaps it is simply time to accept that while groundbreaking in it’s time, it’s time was the 90’s.

Looking all the way back to 2007 (and there’s that hesitation that maybe I counted wrong and it was 2006- see how things fade so easily?) Steve seems like a piece that was missing. Like he should be there doing things with us. He gets on with all my Home-type friends better than I do, to the point that it’s a little weird being sat in a pub with Darran and Steve – it’s a little like I’m the third wheel. This is of course an excellent thing really. I know that if he was there at the time we could have sucked him into the whole X Files obsession because if nothing else Steve likes Bacon. And the one thing we could guarantee about Darrans house is that there was plenty of bacon.

Maybe there are some things that are best left as warm fuzzy memories. On the other hand its 2012 now and there is still a bit of my brain that is desperate to relive the whole 9 season run, then force everyone to come to an End Of The World party on the 21st of December. Not because of the Mayans, but because Mr C.G.B. Spender decided that’s the time to sell us all to the aliens.

I was going to end this by saying something witty about what I want to believe. That would have been rather cheesy though.

*Remember when Mulder said ‘I love you’ and Scully didn’t take him seriously?


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